Established in 1949, the Associazione Italiana Pellicceria (AIP - the Italian Fur Association) represents the interests of the whole fur industry in Italy: farmers, tanneries, hide importers and wholesalers, artisans, retailers, manufacturers, designers, pattern makers and workers, agents and representatives, companies specialising in cleaning and storage, and companies manufacturing machinery, equipment and accessories for furs.
AIP is non-profit and is legally represented by the National President.

In 1996, AIP established Ente Fieristico Mifur, now Mifur S.r.l., the organiser at Fiera Milano, with the sponsorship and support of ITA – Agenzia ICE , of “The One Milano”, the world's leading international exhibition for the sector's fashion.

AIP is affiliated with Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia, Confindustria Moda, and AICE, and it is the sole official spokesperson for the entire sector in dealings with government bodies, public authorities, trades union, political and social organisations, and the world of communications.

The Italian Fur Association is divided into ten regional and inter-regional organisations and is a founding member of IFF, the International Fur Trade Federation based in London.


The Association's primary aims include:

  • promoting correct and complete information about fur through its members

  • protecting the interests of associated businesses

  • representing members nationally and internationally 

  • providing a range of services to associated companies

  • developing and promoting industrial and commercial activities

  • supporting the inestimable heritage of craft skills

  • demonstrating the modern side to this ancient and illustrious historical tradition


The Regional and Inter-regional AIP Associations that are members of Associazione Italiana Pellicceria are represented in the national association by their presidents.
Members participate in the Annual General Meeting with their own Delegates. At the AGM, the results of the previous year are illustrated and the projects and activities for the following year are approved.
The Association follows the implementation of the programme of activities laid down by the AGM step by step and puts everything relating to the association's activities into action.


  • Determines the directives of the Association's activity

  • Elects the association's bodies

  • Approves the Association's budget and final balance 

  • Makes extraordinary modifications to the Statute

The Board

  • Steers the activities of the Association in accordance with the directives of the AGM

  • Ensures that the various sector divisions and the Association are coordinated, to provide an organic orientation to the Association's activities


The President

  • Represents the Association to the outside world

  • Oversees economic and financial management

  • Decides on the strategies to be submitted to the Board and the AGM

  • Takes operational decisions that govern the association's activities

Collegio Sindacale

  • Monitors the Association's economic and financial management trends

  • Checks the Association's accounting and cash balance for the financial year

  • Draws up the final account report for the annual general meeting

The Board of Arbitrators

  • Settles disputes concerning interpretation of the statute or association relations

  • Issues pronouncements on the recommendation of the Board after the parties have been heard

  • Issues opinions that the  local Associations and all members are bound to accept and implement


The headquarters of the national Associazione Italiana Pellicceria are located in Milan.  The secretary's office is available to members for requirements and information concerning the sector.

Via A. Riva Villasanta, 3 - 20145 MILANO

tel. +39/02.798115 - fax +39/02.76021349



AIP comprises a vast network of regional companies that directly promote their activities in their respective areas and that at the same time work very closely with the national association to coordinate activities regarding:

  • Promotion

  • Communications

  • Institutional Relations

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AIP - Associazione Italiana Pellicceria
Via A. Riva Villasanta, 3 - 20145 MILANO Tel. +39/02.798115 - Fax +39/02.76021349  e-mail:   CF 80057450159     

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