AIP - besides its activity as official spokesperson for the Italian fur industry as regards government agencies, public authorities, trade unions, political and social organisations and the world of communications - it promotes various activities for members and anyone interested in learning more about the sector.

For young people, in particular fashion school students, AIP is the ideal point of reference for learning more about the subject, with the chance to meet associate artisan furriers during specific lessons held at member schools. 

Communication and sponsorship of fashion and culture events and press office activities are devoted to promoting knowledge about furs and the production sector among end consumers. 

The aim of the seminars, meetings and conferences for associates or open to other sectors in the world of fashion is to increase mutual awareness as far as technical innovations, trends and the market are concerned. 


FOCUS: informing students that fur requires styling + knowledge of the product, craftsmanship and manufacturing experience.


  • AIP participates in fashion schools throughout Italy with lessons, competitions and internships.

  • AIP's technical associates work across Italy supporting students and guiding their creativity towards production. 

  • Every year themed competitions provide bursaries and the chance to collaborate with Italian artisans (e.g. the fur section of Ricerca Moda Innovazione and REMIX, the international fur competition devised by the IFF


FOCUS: sector training, technical refresher courses, discussions and partnerships across the board with other fashion sectors.

  • AIP organises and participates in seminars and conferences for professionals or ones involving other fashion and manufacturing companies.

Some of the subjects it deals with for its members:

  • Fashion trends, lifestyle and consumption developments

  • Economic data from the sector, legal, customs and document aspects relating to manufacture and trade

  • Sustainability, environmental impact and animal welfare


FOCUS: enhancing fur's image as totally modern fashion garment, playing a leading role in special events or together with other fashion divisions.

  • AIP organises and participates in numerous fashion events.

  • It coordinates associates and gets them involved in procuring and creating garments and items specially made with great creative skill.

  • It works on events organised by third parties, taking part as an association or via its individual members, presenting furs with an emphasis on the values of sustainability, creativity, craftsmanship and quality.  


FOCUS: capitalising on the use and presence of fur in fashion and communications created by and with institutions and businesses with whom it establishes system relations

  • AIP answers positively to partnership requests that it deems appropriate, supplying raw materials and finished garments for exhibitions, shows and cinema and music projects.

  • Items provided by AIP members or by the "Centro Studi AIP" Archive are exhibited and used for exhibitions, fashion shows, opening nights and events organised throughout Italy. 


FOCUS: broadcasting the most interesting news concerning the association's activities and monitoring the issues most closely related to the sector.


  • AIP monitors and is in constant contact with both the specialist press and consumer press. 

The main messages it highlights are:

  • a focus on production procedures that are completely sustainable for this natural product. 

  • the value of fashion and innovation.

  • the high level of craftsmanship reflected in members' collections.


FOCUS: creating a relationship based on trust and mutual awareness with the consumer.



  • AIP provides transparent information to allow consumers to make informed choices about the product, learning all the aspects of the fur supply chain in an objective way.

  • It creates product communication campaigns for newspapers, magazines and new media.

  • It is committed to ensuring that furs have composition labels

AIP also regularly uses accredited research institutes for analyses of the production sector that it represents.


The latest quantitative research on the sector was commissioned by AIP at the Centro Studi Confindustria Moda, dated February 2019, on the theme: "Furs in 2018: development of the sector in Italy and abroad" 

SEE 2018 RESEARCH (in italian only)

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